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Worldwide connection,
no color,language or nationality differences
and together compete to become the Godfather.


Peace and stability, will never be a part of Mafia. Aimless wonderers, find your fighting fires, bring along your rebellious nature and join this world of unknown danger.

To survive you must fight. Legit Violence, Turf claiming, Wealth and Glory and even domination of the City are all purpose for a Mafia. To fight till the end, to align and join forces, each Mafia has their own rule of survival. Come together lets begin this trilling adventure!



One man can never be a Mafia. Brotherhood is a code, we ask not of ones past, but desire to be in their futures. Your enemy is my enemy, your misfortune is mine as well. The clan is your home, your very backbone. When you become one of the clan's executives, a call is all you need to rally over thousand of brothers to wipe out the enemy. Only by joining a clan will you fully understand the glory it brings.


Vehicle: Has the greatest load of all, capable of transpor-ting massive crews and loads or weapons onto the battle-field. They own defensive ability are greatly improved after being modified at the same time if equipped with lethal weapons they will then become a gang's secret weapon.

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Even the No.1 Mafia need to continuously change their strategy as time changes. Investments are like a seedling of now, which could bears fruits of unlimited possibilities in the future. There will only be one opportunity, the right decision will bear you great benefits while a slight negli-gence might cost you the world! Choose with care.


The existence of Babe has filled the every day killing of a Mafia's life with an air of romance. On days without battles, playing with secretary amongst the water, enjoy-ing a game upon the table are where life's wonder lies. Those Babe's from around the world are each embodied with an unique aura, but that is not all! Each and every one of them have their own unique set of skills, which can effectively assist you in both develop and battle.

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